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Hi There! My name is Tony and I'm based currently in a very rural location near to Rudyard Lake in the County of Staffordshire, England, UK. If you count my very first Piano Lessons as a child I have been a Music Maker for over 60 years. I only give outine information about myself online, as of course ID Theft, Financial Fraud etc. prevents any more (a sad but inevitable reflection on what the Worldwide Web has become). If you want to Contact me then Membership (see above) of Soundclick is entirely FREE as a listener. All you need is a USER NAME (don't give personal details) and a valid E-Mail address to join. You can then SEND ME MESSAGES, COMMENT etc. The Site was founded in 1998 and has, as far as I am aware a completely bug-free, never been hacked 100% record. It is run by two brothers from New York USA. Soundclick is their passion.

Heaton Norris Photo Album by pianoman.one

I was brought up and attended Schools in North Stockport, England. Although we left this area in the mid 1980s it still remains one of my interests. CLICK THE PHOTO ABOVE TO ENTER MY PHOTOS OF HEATON NORRIS, STOCKPORT AND STOCKPORT TOWN CENTRE, ENGLAND. 

Joan Bates Dancing School Stockport

Above: Backstage at the Kings Hall, Belle Vue, Manchester in 1969 with ballet girls taking part in a Joan Bates Children's Ballet. Joan Bates Dancing School, Stockport (then called The Melbourne School of Dancing) was a large School presenting Ballets, Pantomimes etc., and had been established since before WW2.

1978 Pontins Prestatyn Sands Prestatyn

Above: In The Snowdonia Bar Lounge at Pontins Prestatyn Sands in 1978. You'll find a 1979 recording on my Soundclick list from this venue on Gulbransen Organ. Pontins was in it's heyday then employing 1000's or Musicians and Artistes as well as "Bluecoats" (a rather run down delapidated site at Prestatyn, and a rather sad company in 2019/20.)

Above: The Alan Anthony Set Function Band at The Belgrade Hotel, Stockport, New Year's Eve 1980-81. Left to right: The Late Alan Yates on Guitar / The Late Eddie Hosey on Bass Guitar / out of sight Ronnie Arnold (unknown) on Drums; and Tony squeezing the life out of a piano accordion!  A very successful Band working out of the Alan Arnison Agency Old Trafford and Bramhall, Stockport.

Manchester Club Organist

Above: The year is around 1991 and Tony performs at a Manchester City Centre Club for dancing and playing for Cabaret Artistes usually on Hammond Organ - although this is not a Hammond. The changes in Society, changes in smoking regulations, home entertainment, cheap supermarket alcoholic drinks, plus of course older generations passing on brought about the decline of what was once a wonderful Manchester Working Men's Club scene.

Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire, Piano

Above: It's the 21st CENTURY!! and Tony plays at Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire on the Bechstein Piano.


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