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The personal Site of an "old skool" Pianist

LAST UPDATE: December 2018. Wow! - how the years fly by . . .


I was born in Stockport, UK, Heaton Norris to be precise - a pupil of St Annes RC Secondary School where I had my first opportunities to "shine" on piano. I was a busy schoolboy pianist at age 14 for the simply wonderful Joan Bates Dancing School in Stockport,  whilst working "daytime job" 11 years in the Newspaper Printing Trade prior to becoming a full time Professional Musician. This was within the grim, archaic walls of The Stockport Advertiser on High Street as a compositor and Linotype Operator, and then 3 years in the much lighter and more airy Stockport Express as a Linotype Operator. I remember sitting at a Linotype Machine in The Stockport Advertiser one day - aged about 20, - breathing in graphite dust from space bands and Ogdens Walnut pipesmoke from the old Desert Rats working as Compositors - and thinking "is this it? is this all I will ever do now until I'm 65?" Thankfully I've had a fulfilling life as a Musician, Magician for Children, Touring Marionette Cabaret, - we worked the Cheshire Party Circuits and brought our kids up in an affluent Cheshire town.



My musical creativity and dexterity was a "seed" that grew into a "flower" from when I was age 14 playing piano for Joan Bates in Stockport, to age 30 when I'd had enough of the smoke filled rooms, late nights, and observing human nature in general associated with being a Club Organist, Dance Band leader, Seaside Holiday Centre pianist etc. I had in fact played in many Manchester 5-Star Hotels, The Kings Hall, Belle Vue, Manchester (for Joan Bates), and many famous Nightclubs and Dance Halls of the era.  Apart from a few Club nights around 1990-91 there was then a total non-musical existence up until the year 2006, but Music, and what it led to has defined my whole life. As a very active and fit Senior I do not rule out future possibilities though. All of us only have one life to lead so let's wait and see - I may drop dead making a coffee in half an hour or be playing piano at 100 for "young folk" in their 80s.


In 2006 I became a product of internet and the MP3. Initially being a member of AUDIOSTREET.NET I was also attracted to SOUNDCLICK.COM due to it's (then!!) very active Social standing and groupings. "Soundclick Seniors" certainly pushed along my progress in attempting to regain my pianistic dexterity of my youth. My motivation was partly driven by thoughts of the opportunities my parents, Alice and Bill afforded me with music, - my memories of my music teacher Jessie Davies, and last but not least the huge input into my early life by my Dancing Teacher Aunt Joan G. Bates.  I worked semi-pro. again between 2009 and 2013 - but then the flame subsided.


The progress from 2013 to the present day has been a "love-hate" relationship at times with music. But since I decided to buy a quality upright digital piano early in 2018 instead of using just "keyboards" I feel my creativity has moved forward again. Yes, of course I play "Classics" and practice with Chopin Mazurkas especially, - but I'm not prepared to enter the very different world of classical piano playing online where every dotted crotchet has to be observed religiously to avoid condemnation and ridicule. I have always been a "free spirit" in music, - extemporising musically to my personal best effect. You'll find PHOTOS on Soundclick of me in various stages of physical decay :)  at various venues.





Thank You to all the visitors who come to my site . . . I have DOWNLOADS of some of my Original Pieces on Soundclick at $0.75 cents US


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