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Photo Album of Heaton Norris and Stockport UK

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I play many Genres here from Classical to Beats and Instrumentals, to Jazz, Latin, World, Acoustic Piano (of course), Electronica. It all comes fairly easy. Us "oldies" were taught in the days when kids strictly had to practice instruments every day without a whole host of other distractions. But just like that momentous line by the late Rutger Hauer in BLADE RUNNER: "all those moments in time will be lost like tears in the rain" . . .

The nature of internet in 2019 can only ensure safety by being anonymous to a certain degree, due to the very real problems posed by identity theft and fraud. I am TonyG, a UK Senior Citizen born in Stockport UK and living on Lloyd Street for 30+ years (presently living near Rudyard Lake, Staffordshire Moorlands). I don't give downloads, but if you would like to EMBED this music player onto your page or SHARE ME on FACEBOOK or TWITTER please feel free to do so. The social media links and Embed code is HERE

If you've been drawn to my site through Stockport references let me show you my quite extensive FLICKR PHOTO GALLERY of Stockport and Heaton Norris. Creative Commons Licence: If you want to use any Photos on Blogs or anything please do courtesy pianoman.one

(you can obtain a code for each individual photo, thus saving your bandwidth and using Flickr's)

Photos of Heaton Norris and Stockport. Most taken between 2015 and 2018. See a photographic record of parts of Heaton Norris Stockport in recent years from wherever you are in the world!

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The Heaton Norris and Stockport Photos Viewing Screen:

Heaton Norris Lad

I only had a very short career as a Musician in my teens, twenties and very early thirties. But briefly:

Joan Bates Dancing School, Stockport (Heaton Moor, Heaton Norris, Reddish, Levenshulme).

Manchester Working Men's Clubs (various) as a Hammond Organist for Dancing & Cabaret.

Pontins Holidays Resident Pianist ~ Prestatyn Sands, North Wales.

"The Alan Anthony Set" Function Band, Manchester, working out of the Alan Arnison Agency.

More recent years: i-Tunes, Napster, Spotify, various USA satellite broadcasting Channels.

VIDEO: "The House of the Rising Sun" Piano Solo

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